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ABC Station Reviews the MicroTouch Switchblade

The Micro Touch Switchblade was recently reviewed by ABC station, WNEP 16 (of Scranton/Wilkes Barre, PA) for their “Does It Really Work?” segment.

Anchorman, Kurt Allen, takes the Micro Touch Switchblade to Scranton barbershop, Mackrell’s Barber Shop and he asks Mark Mackrell to help him with this review by trying the hair trimmer on different parts of the body.


“They’re actually doing a pretty good job….the cutting is decent” Mark says as he trims some neck hair. “That’s doing a nice job” he says on ear hair.

And what about facial hair? “That’s doing a good job. I’d recommend it for a mustache. It has a nice light on it so you can see what you’re doing.”

When asked whether the MicroTouch Switchblade would be a good trimmer between haircuts Mark replies. “Yeah! I think it did a really good job.” He – and his staff – give the Micro Touch Switchbalde the thumbs up!

Watch WNEP’s video review of the Micro Touch Switchblade