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The MicroTouch Switchblade and Winter Beards

microtouch-switchblade-review-lil-burghers“Sometimes I like to joke with Greg that he’s a caveman” admits Becky of Lil’ Burghers in her review of the Micro Touch Switchblade. “It’s not just the grunts of his morning speak, but his job sort of allows him to get away with scraggly facial hair (which he usually is shaving off for weekends or special nights out). It reminds me of a caveman.”

Becky and Greg decide to review the MicroTouch Switchblade. Becky is impressed by the hair trimmer and says it could allow her to be a “bit happier with his grooming this winter.”

Greg also shares his thoughts about the Micro Touch Switchblade saying he liked how “you can lay it almost flat against your skin and not worry about getting cut” and when asked if he’d recommend it to his buddies Greg says it would good for them to “keep their beards trimmed.”

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