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The MicroTouch Switchblade Makes Grooming Easy

micro-touch-switchblade-our-kids-momOn the Our Kids Mom blog, the Micro Touch Switchblade is described as, “…a great grooming tool….that is perfect for trimming, edging, body grooming and even haircuts.”

The reviewer praised the men’s shaver based on her husband’s experience and says, “My husband has used the MicroTouch Switchblade for trimming neck hair between haircuts and even trimming his eyebrows. It worked great for him and he found that it’s really easy to use. This trimmer can also be used to trim chest & belly hair, arm hair, nose hair, beards, head hair, sideburns and more. It’s gentle on sensitive skin and even has a built-in light for those small areas that you need precision trimming.”

The Micro Touch Switchblade is considered by this reviewer to be, “…a great all over body trimmer.”

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