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Micro Touch Switchblade and Nose Hairs

YouTube user, Seeing It Their Way, recently decided to review the MicroTouch Switchblade and they share a lot of information with their viewers about this 2-in-1 hair trimmer.

The video begins by showing how a man could use the Micro Touch Switchblade to trim hair on different parts of his face. After completing his trials he offers a number of his thoughts on the MicroTouch Switchblade.

“It felt very good to the skin. It didn’t prick the hair. It didn’t yank the hair” he says. “I think mostly I like the fact that it got the nose hairs very easy, very delicately….”

Seeing It Their Way gave the MicroTouch Switchblade a 9 out of 10 rating.

Watch their video review of the Micro Touch Switchblade