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Micro Touch Switchblade Will Cut Your Trips to the Barber


The website Dulce Gina posted a MicroTouch Switchblade review recently and they fully described reviewer’s husband’s experience in testing the Micro Touch Switchblade razor.

Gina reports that her husband had been using Micro Touch Switchblade for several weeks on neck hair in between haircuts and trimming his eyebrows. How did he feel about the results with the MicroTouch Switchblade? Gina says, “He found it to be super easy to use and it worked great for him. And, he didn’t get any irritation while using the switchblade, which is always a plus when using something like this on the skin!”

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MicroTouch Switchblade: For Your Face and Your Body

micro-touch-switchblade-reviews-certified-fabulous“The MicroTouch Switchblade is a versatile tool” begins Nathan Horn in his review of the MicroTouch Switchblade for certified FABULOUS. It can be “used for find shaping of facial hair and [it’s the] perfect go-to for the ‘manscaping’ needs of the modern male.”

Nathan goes to detail for his readers how the MicroTouch Switchblade can be used for both the face and for one’s body. “As a worker bee in the busy cubicles of a large office, I need to keep my facial hair in neat and clean” he says. “With the addition of the Switchblade to my facial ritual, I have better control over sculpting clean straight lines.”

““Manscaping” has become more widely accepted today then ever before” Nathan continues.
The larger cutting area of the grooming clippers built into the handle make quick work of even the most dense of chest tufts. Instead of several strokes of a razor, you can use one pass of the Switchblade….When it comes to fast manscaping without cuts, this is one product that delivers well on its promise.”

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MicroTouch Switchblade: For the Men in Your Life

micro-touch-switchblade-reviews-i-choose-joyGena, of I Choose Joy!, reviewed the MicroTouch Switchblade with her family and discovered how it could assist with hair removal for the men in her life.

“My husband tried it this morning” she begins her MicroTouch Switchblade review “and found it quite useful for trimming sideburn area and hair at back of neck. It will be great for the times he grows a goatee.”

“I will definitely be using this for my boys as well” Gena continues. “ We don’t ever take them to a barbershop for haircuts, but use clippers here at home. Now I can use this SwitchBlade to do a quick trim above their ears or back of neck without doing a full haircut!”

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Domestic Dad Reviews the Micro Touch Switchblade

“I am blessed to be able to get my hair cut at home” says Colby from Days of a Domestic Dad in his review of the MicroTouch Switchblade. Colby says his wife, Stacy, cuts his hair and they “recently got [their] hands on a MicroTouch SwitchBlade micro-groomer for those quick touch-ups.”


Colby goes on to discuss what he likes about the Micro Touch Switchblade saying: “I like the MicroTouch SwitchBlade mostly because it can switch from micro-groomer to full-size trimmer. With German steel blades and 4 comb attachments offering 5 levels of trimming, the closeness of the trim is entirely in your hands.”

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Noise of Boys: No Scary Noises from the Micro Touch Switchblade

microtouch-switchblade-review-noise-of-boysThe MicroTouch Switchblade was recently reviewed by Jodi Flaherty of The Noise of Boys.

A former cosmetologist, Jodi shared her opinions about the Micro Touch Switchblade and concluded that “the MicroTouch SwitchBlade performed adequately for facial grooming and especially smaller areas like eyebrows.” She went to say that she not only used with MicroTouch Switchblade with her husband for this review, but also her children. “I did also use on my children’s hairline and the sound of the motor was not scary.”

“With the holidays approaching, this has potential as a useful gift for the guy in your life” concluded Jodi.

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Tackle In-Between Haircut Needs with the MicroTouch Switchblade

microtouch-switchblade-review-savvy-saving-coupleThe MicroTouch Switchblade was recently reviewed by Jared – of Savvy Saving Couple – who notes how the Micro Touch Switchblade is suited for the hair trimming that many men do between their regular haircuts.

Jared begins by noting how the MicroTouch Switchblade saved him some drawer space and then went on to compare it with his experiences using universal hair trimmers. “I like not having to pop in separate trimmer heads like other universal trimmers I’ve used in the past” Jared says. He goes on to note how the Micro Touch Switchblade could be used for numerous grooming chores and while travelling. He concludes by saying: “Overall, this is a pretty nice trimmer. It saves space in your bathroom cabinet, and tackles most of your ‘in-between-haircut’ trimming needs….I think it would make a nice, inexpensive Christmas gift this holiday season.”

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Make a Good Impression with the MicroTouch Switchblade

microtouch-switchblade-review-as-seen-on-TV-product-reviewsThe Microtouch Switchblade razor was recently reviewed by As Seen on TV Product Reviews who highlighted how the Micro Touch Switchblade can help men to make the best impression.

“Who said women alone do everything possible to ensure that they look…perfect” they begin “men also take a lot of effort for grooming. They understand it helps them make the best impression in their personal and professional lives.”
They go on to note that men are also looking for quick and easy ways to groom and state that the “Micro Touch Switch Blade is the brilliant two in one trimmer that will offer you the means to groom yourself from head to toe.”

The review concludes by detailing some of the many features of the Micro Touch Switchblade and how this hair trimmer can help to remove unwanted hair anywhere.

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About MicroTouch Switchblade

The MicroTouch Switchblade is the 2-in-1 trimmer that lets you groom everywhere, from head to toe! It’s powerful enough for the tough stuff, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Just slide to switch!

The MicroTouch Switchblade 2-in-1 design includes lighted mini and full size trimmers for head to toe grooming. The Micro Touch Switchblade includes precision snap-on guides for superior control and a FREE bonus 10-piece grooming kit.

The Micro Touch Switchblade is great for keeping sideburns, mustaches and beards razor sharp. It can perfectly groom those bushy eyebrows and the Microtouch Switchblade can remove that unsightly ear hair and much more!