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Micro Touch Switchblade: Great Gift for Any Man

microtouch-switchblade-review-southern-girl-ramblings“When it comes to grooming, men need a razor and shaving cream to get rid of the hair,” begins Kecia Hambrick (from Southern Girl Ramblings) as she begins her review of the Micro Touch Switchblade.  “However, what happens when there’s only the need for a trim of nose hairs or a little patch of stubble that was left behind after a shave. There’s no need to drag out the shaving kit when there isn’t a big job to do!”

“The MicroTouch Switchblade Grooming Tool is perfect for these little tasks,” Kecia discovers” The 2-in-1 designs lets you tackle any grooming need – big or small. There are also three guides that you can snap on if you need to guide the trimmer in the right direction. There is a blade located on each end, depending on what you need to use the groomer for. With the tool, you can easily get rid of unwanted ear hair, trim up a beard or mustache, or tackle those bushy eyebrows!”

Kecia says the MicroTouch Switchblade would be a great gift for any man in your life.

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“Good Dad” Discusses Micro Touch Switchblade

OneGoodDad is a blog created by Jason Greene that focuses on parenting challenges and rewards, faith, travel, entertainment, sports, and occasionally some grooming tips for men.

Jason recently discussed the benefits of MicroTouch grooming products and he highlighted a number of benefits of the Micro Touch Switchblade.

“The MicroTouch Switchblade is best suited for the thick beard that needs shaping or to be brought back under control,” begins Jason. “Speaking from someone that once sported a Grizzly Adams-sized beard, there are some parts of the face that can be difficult to tame. Places like around the nose area and next to the ears. You don’t want to be one of those guys where it’s unclear where the nose hair ends and the mustache begins”.

Jason goes on to note how Micro Touch Switchblade is great for nose hair, ear hair, and for all kinds of manscaping.


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Using the MicroTouch Switchblade Has Many Benefits

microtouch-switchblade-review-musings-bluebird-patchAs reviewed on the Musings from the Bluebird Patch site, the MicroTouch Switchblade is both easy to use and effective in getting the job done.

The Micro Touch Switchblade is considered to be “the ultimate man-scaping experience,” says the reviewer, and she goes on to note some of her favorite features of this 2-in-1 hair trimmer:

• Remove hair anywhere
• Gentle on sensitive skin
• Built-in light
• 4 snap on guides included
• German stainless steel blades
• Perfect for touch-ups between haircuts

Additionally, the reviewer points out that the MicroTouch Switchblade can be especially valuable if you “…have a child that hates going to the barbershop.”

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MicroTouch Switchblade: For Your Face and Your Body

micro-touch-switchblade-reviews-certified-fabulous“The MicroTouch Switchblade is a versatile tool” begins Nathan Horn in his review of the MicroTouch Switchblade for certified FABULOUS. It can be “used for find shaping of facial hair and [it’s the] perfect go-to for the ‘manscaping’ needs of the modern male.”

Nathan goes to detail for his readers how the MicroTouch Switchblade can be used for both the face and for one’s body. “As a worker bee in the busy cubicles of a large office, I need to keep my facial hair in neat and clean” he says. “With the addition of the Switchblade to my facial ritual, I have better control over sculpting clean straight lines.”

““Manscaping” has become more widely accepted today then ever before” Nathan continues.
The larger cutting area of the grooming clippers built into the handle make quick work of even the most dense of chest tufts. Instead of several strokes of a razor, you can use one pass of the Switchblade….When it comes to fast manscaping without cuts, this is one product that delivers well on its promise.”

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Manscaping with an Electric Razor

While some men wax or completely shave off their unwanted hair, many people prefer to trim their hairs and using the Micro Touch Switchblade electric razor is a great way to go! In terms of shaving, electric razors are the least painful option for manscaping. They also keep hair nice and short.


Trimming your chest hair with an electric razor can help to create uniform density and avoid that “creeping out your shirt collar” look. If you’re a guy blessed with an abundance of body hair, completely removing sections of it could prove an unnatural look or a body filled with razor burn. Use an electric trimmer to trim all your body hair and avoid creating defined lines between hairy areas and hair-free areas. An artificial boundary of where hair ends and smooth skin begins can often look quite odd and unnatural.

If you decide you want to completely shave off areas of your hair with a manual razor first begin with the electric razor. Trim the hair down first and shaving will be a lot easier.

Welcome to the World of Manscaping

Manscaping is the removal or trimming of unwanted hair off a man’s body for cosmetic effect and aesthetic appeal. For most men it includes the removal or trimming of hair from one’s chest, back, buttock region and genital area. It can also typically include the trimming or removal of facial hair, arm hair, leg hair or armpit hair.

While manscaping is a recent term, the idea of removing hair from a man’s body has been occurring in various cultures for centuries. Some peoples follow removal practices for cultural and/or religions reasons while others remove hair for practical purposes, such as the prevention of fleas or lice.

The removal of hair can be achieved through waxing, shaving and/or plucking. Waxing typically occurs for the chest, back, buttocks, arms and/or legs but – as the skin in the armpit and/or genital area is often too sensitive – waxing is typically not done in these regions of a man’s body. Some men also typically do not wax facial hair.


The MicroTouch Switchblade is perfect for removal of hair ANYWHERE on a man’s body. It’s quick, powerful and painless.

Manscaping with the MicroTouch Switchblade

micro-touch-switchblade-review-pittsburg-frugal--mom“Have you ever met up with a guy that really needs a good manscape?” asks Dana from Pittsburgh Frugal Mom in her review of the Micro Touch Switchblade.” Are you dying to grab the clippers and weed whack away at that excess hair? Are you wondering why in the world the guys have not already taken care of that jungle? Say good bye to excess, protruding hair in all those odd places like the nose, and ears.”

Dana goes to discuss how the MicroTouch Switchblade is a “tool lets guys groom that beastly, ghastly hair” all over their body. “Trim that ear hair, or those nose hairs, manscape away” she exclaims.

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