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Celebrate the Holidays with Micro Touch Switchblade


MicroTouch Switchblade suggests you don’t let your Santa scruff get out of control this holiday season!

Buy your men’s MicroTouch grooming products today by visiting your local retailers or purchase online at the following websites:

MicroTouch Switchblade
The 2-in-1 trimmer lets you groom everywhere…from head to toe!

MicroTouch One
The modern version of a timeless classic! You only need one blade for the perfect shave!

MicroTouch Max
The all-in-one personal trimmer and the solution to all those pesky areas where razors and scissors shouldn’t go!

MicroTouch: Get Grooming!
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The Micro Touch Switchblade Stocking Stuffer

micro-touch-switchblade-review-long-wait-isabellaLaVonne – from Long Wait for Isabella and Nathaniel – recently discusses some grooming tips for men and offered a review of the MicroTouch Switchblade.

After outlining “10 Simple Grooming Tips for Men” LaVonne shares with her readers that she found a “fun stocking stuffer idea for this holiday season that will help with these simple grooming tips for men: the MicroTouch Switchblade.” LaVonne goes on to note that the Micro Touch Switchblade “affords the easy, clean, and close hair removal expected from more expensive groomers.”

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Noise of Boys: No Scary Noises from the Micro Touch Switchblade

microtouch-switchblade-review-noise-of-boysThe MicroTouch Switchblade was recently reviewed by Jodi Flaherty of The Noise of Boys.

A former cosmetologist, Jodi shared her opinions about the Micro Touch Switchblade and concluded that “the MicroTouch SwitchBlade performed adequately for facial grooming and especially smaller areas like eyebrows.” She went to say that she not only used with MicroTouch Switchblade with her husband for this review, but also her children. “I did also use on my children’s hairline and the sound of the motor was not scary.”

“With the holidays approaching, this has potential as a useful gift for the guy in your life” concluded Jodi.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift for Men

micro-touch-switchblade-review-lifes-perception-inspiration“If you are wondering where to find a useful yet affordable gift for the man/men in your life, why not get him a 2-in-1 MicroTouch Switchblade?” asks Demcy Apdian of Life’s Perception and Inspiration as she begins her Micro Touch Switchblade review.

Demcy tests the Micro Touch Switchblade on her husband for this review and reports that it worked “extremely well!” She goes to say that her husband “thought it’s super quick to use and it doesn’t pull any hair. He can take it with him on his business trips.”

After sharing her belief that the MicroTouch Switchblade will reduce their trips to a barber Demcy encourages her readers to consider the hair trimmer as a gift. “This is absolutely a perfect gift to give for birthdays or Christmas” she says.

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Practical Christmas Giving with the Micro Touch Switchblade

microtouch-switchblade-review-prose-relevanceAnne – from Prose of Relevance – recently reviewed the MicroTouch Switchblade and she shares her thoughts with her readers.

Anne says she found the Micro Touch Switchblade to be is easy and convenient. “Especially” she notes, “if your man is always in a hurry or is traveling a lot.” She also believed the Micro Touch Switchblade help to save space saying “by using just one tool, he can do a lot with it and he doesn’t need to grasp or digging for other tools in your already cluttered drawer….”

According to Anne, the MicroTouch Switchblade “affords the ultimate man-scraping experience” and she encourages her readers to give the men in their life “the most practical yet useful Christmas gift he can ever receive.”

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