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Mama and Papa Approve the MicroTouch Switchblade

Mamas Around the House is a website which includes product reviews. MicroTouch Switchblade was reviewed not long ago by the writer’s husband. As this “mama” explained,

“Sometimes we forget that parenting includes Dads too. Mike, my husband, was able to review the MicroTouch SwitchBlade” and he had many positive things to share.

The reviewer says, “If you’re a trimmer user or are interested in one, this is the one to try. It gives you the versatility of both sides (micro and larger trims), and has guards that slip on and off easily. It’s lightweight so you can take it with you for travel, and cordless.”

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Using the MicroTouch Switchblade Has Many Benefits

microtouch-switchblade-review-musings-bluebird-patchAs reviewed on the Musings from the Bluebird Patch site, the MicroTouch Switchblade is both easy to use and effective in getting the job done.

The Micro Touch Switchblade is considered to be “the ultimate man-scaping experience,” says the reviewer, and she goes on to note some of her favorite features of this 2-in-1 hair trimmer:

• Remove hair anywhere
• Gentle on sensitive skin
• Built-in light
• 4 snap on guides included
• German stainless steel blades
• Perfect for touch-ups between haircuts

Additionally, the reviewer points out that the MicroTouch Switchblade can be especially valuable if you “…have a child that hates going to the barbershop.”

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TV Stuff Online Reviews the Micro Touch Switchblade

micro-touch-switchblade-review-tv-stuff-onlineReview site, TV Stuff Online, recently reviewed the MicroTouch Switchblade and they provide their readers with extensive information about this 2-in-1 hair trimmer.

“MicroTouch Switchblade is a specialty, multi-functional tool made just for men” they begin. “It is designed to be able to switch between settings and perform numerous tasks, including getting rid of ear and nose hair, trimming the eyebrows, trimming the hair, and shaving off places such as the stomach and back.”

The review then goes on to discuss the Micro Touch Switchblade commercial, price, warranty information, features of the MicroTouch Switchblade, how to use this hair trimmer, and they even consider some frequently asked questions. The review also highlights some of the many ways to use the MicroTouch Switchblade including:

• Use the full sized trimmer for bigger jobs
• Use the mini trimmers for smaller areas.
• Slide the device to switch
• Use the guides as a precision tool.

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Micro Touch Switchblade: The 2-in-1 Hair Trimmer

micro-touch-switchblade-review-TV-stuff-reviews“Before, women liked men with hair growing everywhere but now it’s totally different” begins the MicroTouch Switchblade review from TV Stuff Reviews “Nowadays, women prefer clean-cut men. With the Micro Touch Switch Blade, you can remove hair easily from head to toe. This is the world’s first two in one trimmer that can keep your hair looking neat and trim.”

TV Stuff Reviews goes on to mention how the MicroTouch Switchblade works, its’ advantages and uses, and many of its’ features. They also state that the Micro Touch Switchblade “is easy to use and the two kinds of trimmers can be switched on and off with a simple flicking action.”

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