The Micro Touch Switchblade Cuts Expenses!

micro-touch-switblade-reviews-cori-cozy-cornerOn her blog, Cori’s Cozy Corner: Get Cozy and Stay Awhile, Cori reviewed the MicroTouch Switchblade personal groomer and she highlighted the benefits of having the shaver for her husband. Cori begins, “The micro-groomer is great for trimming hair in men’s ears, nose, neck, eyebrows, and sideburns. It comes with 2 snap on comb attachment guides to easily choose how much hair you want to remove. It is great for trimming unruly eyebrows with the guide and cleanly trimming neck and sideburn hair without the guide on. My husband was able to easily touch up his sideburns and eyebrows himself and I trimmed his neck hairline.”

Cori also goes on to describe how easy the Micro Touch Switchblade can save money saying her husband now “…can easily use the trimmer to trim his hair to save himself from having to go to the barber too often which will save us a lot of money.”

Read Cori’s full MicroTouch Switchblade review

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