Manscaping with an Electric Razor

While some men wax or completely shave off their unwanted hair, many people prefer to trim their hairs and using the Micro Touch Switchblade electric razor is a great way to go! In terms of shaving, electric razors are the least painful option for manscaping. They also keep hair nice and short.


Trimming your chest hair with an electric razor can help to create uniform density and avoid that “creeping out your shirt collar” look. If you’re a guy blessed with an abundance of body hair, completely removing sections of it could prove an unnatural look or a body filled with razor burn. Use an electric trimmer to trim all your body hair and avoid creating defined lines between hairy areas and hair-free areas. An artificial boundary of where hair ends and smooth skin begins can often look quite odd and unnatural.

If you decide you want to completely shave off areas of your hair with a manual razor first begin with the electric razor. Trim the hair down first and shaving will be a lot easier.

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