Welcome to the World of Manscaping

Manscaping is the removal or trimming of unwanted hair off a man’s body for cosmetic effect and aesthetic appeal. For most men it includes the removal or trimming of hair from one’s chest, back, buttock region and genital area. It can also typically include the trimming or removal of facial hair, arm hair, leg hair or armpit hair.

While manscaping is a recent term, the idea of removing hair from a man’s body has been occurring in various cultures for centuries. Some peoples follow removal practices for cultural and/or religions reasons while others remove hair for practical purposes, such as the prevention of fleas or lice.

The removal of hair can be achieved through waxing, shaving and/or plucking. Waxing typically occurs for the chest, back, buttocks, arms and/or legs but – as the skin in the armpit and/or genital area is often too sensitive – waxing is typically not done in these regions of a man’s body. Some men also typically do not wax facial hair.


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