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About MicroTouch Switchblade

The MicroTouch Switchblade is the 2-in-1 trimmer that lets you groom everywhere, from head to toe! It’s powerful enough for the tough stuff, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Just slide to switch!

The MicroTouch Switchblade 2-in-1 design includes lighted mini and full size trimmers for head to toe grooming. The Micro Touch Switchblade includes precision snap-on guides for superior control and a FREE bonus 10-piece grooming kit.

The Micro Touch Switchblade is great for keeping sideburns, mustaches and beards razor sharp. It can perfectly groom those bushy eyebrows and the Microtouch Switchblade can remove that unsightly ear hair and much more!


Micro Touch Switchblade: Great Gift for Any Man

microtouch-switchblade-review-southern-girl-ramblings“When it comes to grooming, men need a razor and shaving cream to get rid of the hair,” begins Kecia Hambrick (from Southern Girl Ramblings) as she begins her review of the Micro Touch Switchblade.  “However, what happens when there’s only the need for a trim of nose hairs or a little patch of stubble that was left behind after a shave. There’s no need to drag out the shaving kit when there isn’t a big job to do!”

“The MicroTouch Switchblade Grooming Tool is perfect for these little tasks,” Kecia discovers” The 2-in-1 designs lets you tackle any grooming need – big or small. There are also three guides that you can snap on if you need to guide the trimmer in the right direction. There is a blade located on each end, depending on what you need to use the groomer for. With the tool, you can easily get rid of unwanted ear hair, trim up a beard or mustache, or tackle those bushy eyebrows!”

Kecia says the MicroTouch Switchblade would be a great gift for any man in your life.

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“Good Dad” Discusses Micro Touch Switchblade

OneGoodDad is a blog created by Jason Greene that focuses on parenting challenges and rewards, faith, travel, entertainment, sports, and occasionally some grooming tips for men.

Jason recently discussed the benefits of MicroTouch grooming products and he highlighted a number of benefits of the Micro Touch Switchblade.

“The MicroTouch Switchblade is best suited for the thick beard that needs shaping or to be brought back under control,” begins Jason. “Speaking from someone that once sported a Grizzly Adams-sized beard, there are some parts of the face that can be difficult to tame. Places like around the nose area and next to the ears. You don’t want to be one of those guys where it’s unclear where the nose hair ends and the mustache begins”.

Jason goes on to note how Micro Touch Switchblade is great for nose hair, ear hair, and for all kinds of manscaping.


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MicroTouch Switchblade Shoots and Scores!

Some of the biggest and best NBA Stars stopped by the NBA All-Star Weekend Swag Suite for some of our MicroTouch grooming products.

The National Basketball Association All-Star Weekend is a weekend festival held every February during the middle of the NBA regular season that consists of a variety of basketball events, exhibitions, and performances culminating in the NBA All-Star Game.


George Irving, AKA, the “Ice Man”


Steve Blake of the Portland Trailblazers


Anthony Tolliver of the Detroit Piston

MicoTouch Switchblade at the Golden Globes!

Mark Feuerstein, from Royal Pains, visits the Golden Globes Celebrity Style Lounge sponsored in part by MicroTouch grooming products.

The event was the perfect way to kick-off the big Academy Award weekend as nominees and talent were treated to an event that benefitted Farm Sanctuary and Hope For Paws.


The following celebrities were in attendance; Adina Porter (Nominated TV show “True Blood”), Ashley Argota (“The Fosters” Nominated TV show), Jason Ritter (“Parenthood”), Jenji Kohan (Nominated for the “Orange is the New Black”), Josh Brener (Nominated for “Silicon Valley”), Mark Feuerstein (“Royal Pains”), Mekhi Phifer (“Divergent”), Neil McDonough (“Suits”), Omar Dorsey (Nominated for ”Selma”), Beau Casper, and Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz (Nominated for Best Actress and Best Director respectively for “Gett: The trial of Viviane Amsalem”).

Another Husband Loves the Micro Touch Switchblade


Jacqueline – of Confessions of a Mommy of 5 – says she was “super excited” to see how MicroTouch Switchblade works.

“My husband has gone through several razors….,” Jacqueline shares. “Out of all the razors he had he loves the SwitchBlade!”

Jacqueline and her husband learned that the MicroTouch Switchblade is powerful; it has the same functions of many full size razors; it’s very versatile; and it’s quite portable. “The SwitchBlade works on all types of hair” she adds. “My husband used it to shave and it gives him a super close shave…. This is something all men should have.”

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Trim Hair Easily with the MicroTouch Switchblade

micro-touch-switchblade-review-metal-detectingBlogger, Metal Detecting in the Ozarks, says he occasionally reviews products that interest him and he turned his attention to MicroTouch Switchblade.

He was impressed with our “manscaper” and says the following about the Micro Touch Switchblade:

“I was able to easily trim my sideburns with one side, and then straighten them by sliding the guard to the opposite side. I found the kit easy to use and felt like the trimmer did a great job and was very efficient.”

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Clean up Your Husband with the MicroTouch Switchblade

microtouch-switchblade-review-simply-jessJessica, of Simply Jess, says the MicroTouch Switchblade is “what your man needs.”

She shares that her husband often complains about body hair and, with the MicroTouch Switchblade, they learned “he can trim hair from his nose, eye brows, side burns, ears and even the most intimate parts of him.”

Jess goes on to say she found the Micro Touch Switchblade “very easy to use” and she appreciated that it included a full size trimmer and even a protective cap.

“I love my husband especially when his face is very clean and smooth,” Jessica says in conclusion of MicroTouch Switchblade review.

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Micro Touch Switchblade: Perfect for any Man!


“I, myself, have one heck of a time shopping for males in general,” admits Bonnie from We Make 7. She goes on to say she learned about the MicroTouch Switchblade and tells her readers “I have a cool product to share with you.”

Bonnie makes notes of a number of MicroTouch Switchblade features including:

The Micro Touch Switchblade removes hair anywhere

  • Micro Touch Switchblade is gentle on sensitive skin
  • The Micro Touch Switchblade has a built in light
  • 4 Snap on guides are included with the Micro Touch Switchblade
  • Micro Touch Switchblade is made with German stainless steel blades
  • The Micro Touch Switchblade is perfect for touch-ups between haircuts

“My husband really enjoys using the MicroTouch SwitchBlade and loves that he can just use this one tool instead of 2 or 3 different products to take care of all his grooming needs,” Bonnie continues. “This is a great product for any man….”

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Reviewer Declares the MicroTouch Switchblade a Christmas “Must-Have”


“If you are on the lookout for the next must have for your husband for Christmas, something that’ll help him stay groomed from head-to-toe look no further than the MicroTouch SwitchBlade” begins Shawn Ann in her MicroTouch Switchblade review on Shawn Ann’s World.

Shawn Ann goes on to note a number of features and benefits she discovered about the Micro Touch Switchblade including:

  • 2-In-1 design includes lighted mini & full-size trimmers for head-to-toe grooming
  • Powerful enough for the tough stuff yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin
  • Precision snap-on guides for superior control

“This is not your ordinary groomer” Shawn Ann observes, “it can be used anywhere on your body.”

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Clean Up Your Man this Holiday Season with the MicroTouch Switchblade

micro-touch-switchblade-review-newly-crunchy-mama“Ladies, let’s face it. Men aren’t always the most clean-cut creatures” declares Brandy in her Micro Touch Switchblade review. “My husband is horrible about shaving and cleaning up as often as he’d like….He always complains that taking the time to maintain a nicely groomed look is too time consuming and inconvenient, so he just lets it go a few days longer than he should.”

Brandy was “excited” to have a chance to review the MicroTouch Switchblade and hoped it would help her hubby look good for the holiday season.

“This ingenious, portable groomer can take on even the scraggliest necks, sideburns, beards and mustaches, eyebrows, and yes, even nose and ear hair” she reports. “If you don’t think nose and ear hair can be scraggly, I assure you it can be….My husband is the perfect example!”

“I am pretty impressed” Brandy shares with her readers. MicroTouch Switchblade is “super easy to use, and does its job quite effectively. Because of the compact, slim design, you can achieve close and very precise shaves.

MicroTouch Switchblade “is great for men like my husband who claim they don’t have enough time or equipment to do a proper, all-over grooming job. I think Dan will love it, and I will love a cleaner-cut, sexier husband!”

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